Sweet & Salty “Chocolate” Chip Cookies (AIP / Paleo / Nut Free)

SEP_0258.JPGYou may have noticed that I don’t have a ton of baked goods on my site. There are 3 reasons for that:

  1. The truth is, paleo (and AIP) baking intimidates me. I had regular baking down so well and this, well, it’s just a whole new world.
  2. Another reason I don’t play around with baked goods is because I’m a recovering sugar addict. If I was to begin developing sugary recipes, I would end up eating a lot more treats than I should… and my baking recipes take many batches to develop.
  3. Also, when I want a baked good, I want it now. Not a messed up version. Not an experiment. When I think of a specific treat, I make it and I usually have my “tried and true” recipes that I rarely shy away from.

Up until recently, my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe was from Merit & Fork. I also knew that it was Alaena’s favorite recipe from her post about this SUPER delicious cookie cake recipe that is now my go to. This is speaking from the Publix cookie cake addict that used to get an entire holiday cake… after every holiday… because it was marked down. No, I’m not proud of it – but who is proud of their childhood food choices? 😂


When I saw that Alaena created her own chocolate chip cookie recipe worth posting about – I knew it had to be good! Unfortunately, it called for almond flour… and I wasn’t quite there with my reintroductions. SO, the alternative was born and today I’ll be sharing how I made this recipe AIP. Now I decide what chocolate chip cookies to have based on the ingredients I have on hand (cassava vs tigernut flour) and if I want something starchy or something that is a bit more nutrient dense, as my flour of choice, tigernut, is high in fiber, iron, potassium, protein, magnesium, zinc and vitamins E and C!


Salted Chocolate Chips Cookies

1 Grazed & Enthused’s recipe for Salted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with the following changes/notes to make the cookies AIP compliant:

  • Instead of almond flour, use tigernut flour – same measurement (by the way, I’ve started ordering mine through Amazon because it seems to be the best priced now.
  • Use lard vs shortening. You CAN use shortening and it’ll still be AIP, but I liked the feel of the cookie more when using lard. I used my own from previously prepared pastured bacon. Epic has a good one you can purchase. I did make one batch that was mostly lard and a little shortening because I ran out of lard, and it turned out better than all shortening too.
  • If you cannot have vanilla (seems to be a controversial ingredient), substitute with maple syrup – same measurement.
  • Instead of chocolate chips, substitute with carob chips from this recipe (or you could make them with raisins, dried, fruit, etc). If you’ve reintroduced chocolate chips, I like this brand the best.
  • Keep in mind that cookies will get a bit larger. I know a lot of AIP and paleo cookies do not change size when they bake… these do.
  • Oh, and don’t dismiss using parchment paper. I found that out the hard way.
  • PS: yes, these taste like the real deal! Husband confirmed 👍

Before you indulge, allow to cool. Cookies keep their shape and travel really well!

salted chocolate chip cookies aip paleo gluten fee.jpg

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3 thoughts on “Sweet & Salty “Chocolate” Chip Cookies (AIP / Paleo / Nut Free)

    1. Alicia, tigernut and cassava are a bit different, so I wouldn’t think it would work – but it might! Worst case scenario, you would probably end up with some tasty cookie dough or weird shaped cookies that “melt” on the parchment paper. :p


  1. My tigernut flour is so gritty, it tastes like there’s sand in my mouth when I use it. Have you had this problem? I’m dying to make your cookies but I don’t want them to come out gritty. Thanks!


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