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Fall Bison Stuffed Acorn Squash (AIP / Paleo)

Ahhhhh Fall is in the air! Sort of in GA, but I know up North people are really starting to feel it (I may or may not be jealous). Nonetheless, the moment it’s September, I’m ready to get “Falled-out.” The moment the temperatures stay below 90 (which we finally had a day or two) –… Continue reading Fall Bison Stuffed Acorn Squash (AIP / Paleo)


Creamy Lime Beef Stew (AIP Paleo / Instant Pot)

This weekend marks my 1 month since having our puppy home! For those of you who follow his Instagram, my personal snapchat, or the blog Instagram stories – I know it just looks like fun and games based on the public life of having a puppy. What I don’t put on there is every time… Continue reading Creamy Lime Beef Stew (AIP Paleo / Instant Pot)


10 Money Saving Food Storage Hacks

When I first dove into the autoimmune protocol paleo diet (AIP), I did not use fresh food heavily in my kitchen. The couple months before my body crashed, I was actually beginning to learn about cooking with more real food – not excluding any particular food groups, simply learning to make commonly store-bought items from… Continue reading 10 Money Saving Food Storage Hacks


Grandma’s Russian Vinaigrette (AIP Paleo / Vegan)

I promise I’m not stuck on summer and the next recipe I have is actually fall-ish! However, temperatures are still in the 90s here and I’m still not thrilled about heating up the kitchen just yet – although I can hardly wait until I can leave my kitchen windows open all day for a fresh… Continue reading Grandma’s Russian Vinaigrette (AIP Paleo / Vegan)


Lard Glazed Brussel Sprouts (AIP/Paleo)

Did you know that this past weekend was the OFFICIAL Bacon Day? Apparently it is the Saturday before Labor day, every year. It just so happens, I also finalized this recipe on that day – must have been a bacon vibe in the air because I honestly don’t cook much with bacon. No, I’m not… Continue reading Lard Glazed Brussel Sprouts (AIP/Paleo)

Challenge Reflections

Reflections on July/August (Reintroductions Part 2)

Oh Reintroductions – how I dislike you! I mean I like you when you go well, but it really puts a damper on my day when you decide to disagree with my body. In June, I decided to stay on strict AIP for another month because my body didn’t feel ready to handle reintroduction yet.… Continue reading Reflections on July/August (Reintroductions Part 2)